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Rationalize isdigit / isalpha / tolower / ... uses throughout Python source #50043

mdickinson opened this issue Apr 19, 2009 · 5 comments
easy interpreter-core (Objects, Python, Grammar, and Parser dirs) type-feature A feature request or enhancement


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BPO 5793
Nosy @mdickinson, @ericvsmith

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Member Author

Problem: the standard C character handling functions from ctype.h
(isalpha, isdigit, isxdigit, isspace, toupper, tolower, etc.) are locale
aware, but for almost all uses CPython needs locale-unaware versions of

There are various solutions in the current source:

  • there's a file Include/bytes_methods.h which provides suitable
    ISDIGIT/ISALPHA/... macros, but also undefines the standard functions.
    As it is, it can't be included in Python.h since that would break
    3rd party code that includes Python.h and also uses isdigit.

  • some files have their own solution: Python/pystrtod.c defines
    its own (probably inefficient) ISDIGIT and ISSPACE macros.

  • in some places the standard C functions are just used directly (and
    possibly incorrectly). A gotcha here is that one has to remember to use
    Py_CHARMASK to avoid errors on some platforms. (See bpo-3633 for an

It would be nice to clean all this up, and have one central, efficient,
easy-to-use set of Py_ISDIGIT/Py_ISALPHA ... locale-independent macros (or
functions) that could be used safely throughout the Python source.

@mdickinson mdickinson added interpreter-core (Objects, Python, Grammar, and Parser dirs) easy type-feature A feature request or enhancement labels Apr 19, 2009
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I concur. I've also been bitten by forgetting Py_CHARMASK, so a single
version that took this into account (and was locale-unaware) would be

In private mail I'd mentioned that if these are functions, they should
take int. But I now think that's incorrect, and they should take char or
unsigned char. I think the standard C functions take int because they
also allow EOF. I think the Py_ versions should allow only characters
and not allow EOF. Py_CHARMASK already enforces this, anyway, with
likely undefined results.

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Also, see _toupper/_tolower in Objects/stringlib/stringdef.h and
Objects/stringobject.c. Those should be rationalized as well.

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I'll implement this by adding a pyctype.h and pyctype.c, mimicking
<ctype.h>. I'll essentially copy and rename the methods in
bytes_methods.[ch], then change bytes_methods.h to refer to the new
versions, for backward compatibility.

@ericvsmith ericvsmith self-assigned this Apr 27, 2009
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Checked in to trunk (rr72040) and py3k (r72044).

Windows buildbots look okay, closing.

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easy interpreter-core (Objects, Python, Grammar, and Parser dirs) type-feature A feature request or enhancement
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