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Recursive Repr #54049

rhettinger opened this issue Sep 12, 2010 · 4 comments

Recursive Repr #54049

rhettinger opened this issue Sep 12, 2010 · 4 comments
type-feature A feature request or enhancement


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BPO 9840
Nosy @rhettinger, @merwok
  • recursive_repr.patch: Patch with test and docs
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    assignee = None
    closed_at = <Date 2010-09-13.21:37:17.229>
    created_at = <Date 2010-09-12.22:13:18.603>
    labels = ['type-feature']
    title = 'Recursive Repr'
    updated_at = <Date 2011-04-05.16:21:30.780>
    user = '' fields:

    activity = <Date 2011-04-05.16:21:30.780>
    actor = 'eric.araujo'
    assignee = 'none'
    closed = True
    closed_date = <Date 2010-09-13.21:37:17.229>
    closer = 'rhettinger'
    components = []
    creation = <Date 2010-09-12.22:13:18.603>
    creator = 'rhettinger'
    dependencies = []
    files = ['18862']
    hgrepos = []
    issue_num = 9840
    keywords = ['patch']
    message_count = 4.0
    messages = ['116239', '116257', '116353', '133047']
    nosy_count = 2.0
    nosy_names = ['rhettinger', 'eric.araujo']
    pr_nums = []
    priority = 'normal'
    resolution = 'fixed'
    stage = None
    status = 'closed'
    superseder = None
    type = 'enhancement'
    url = ''
    versions = ['Python 3.2']

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    Contributor Author

    Add a recursive_repr() decorator to provide a solution to the problem of creating a container __repr__ method that doesn't fail for recursive calls.

    @rhettinger rhettinger added the type-feature A feature request or enhancement label Sep 12, 2010
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    merwok commented Sep 13, 2010

    Good idea. I wonder if the genericity (being able to specify the placeholder) is needed; the ellipsis is used by built-in containers (not documented AFAICT, see bpo-9842) and seems a good choice for most (all?) of the cases. What bothers me is that this simple, common case can’t just use @recursive_repr (without parens) which seems to me more natural.

    One markup glitch: :meth:`repr__` lacks two underscores.

    (Unimportant side question: Since collections defines __all__, why are imported names renamed with a trailing underscore?)

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    Contributor Author

    Committed in r84792.

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    merwok commented Apr 5, 2011

    FTR, the answer to my interrogation in my previous message is contained in Raymond’s PyCon talk about API design: :)

    @ezio-melotti ezio-melotti transferred this issue from another repository Apr 10, 2022
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