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Make _Py_char2wchar() and _Py_wchar2char() public #62595

vstinner opened this issue Jul 7, 2013 · 5 comments

Make _Py_char2wchar() and _Py_wchar2char() public #62595

vstinner opened this issue Jul 7, 2013 · 5 comments


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vstinner commented Jul 7, 2013

BPO 18395
Nosy @warsaw, @vstinner, @takluyver, @MojoVampire

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vstinner commented Jul 7, 2013

The Python C API has two very useful functions: _Py_char2wchar() and _Py_wchar2char(). They must be used to handle correctly undecodable byte sequences. _Py_char2wchar() and _Py_wchar2char() use the surrogateescape error handler (PEP-383). _Py_char2wchar() forces also the ASCII encoding on FreeBSD and Solaris when the LC_CTYPE locale is C.

Py_Main() expects an array of wide character strings (wchar_t*) for the command line argument, whereas main() gets an array or byte strings (char*). _Py_char2wchar() must be used to be able to call Py_Main().

I propose the following names:

wchar_t* Py_DecodeLocale(const char* arg, size_t *size);
char* Py_EncodeLocale(const wchar_t *text, size_t *error_pos);

See Python/fileutils.c for more information about these functions.

Python 3.3 has already higher level functions (calling _Py_char2_wchar() and _Py_wchar2char()):

PyObject* PyUnicode_DecodeLocale(const char *str, const char *errors);
PyObject* PyUnicode_EncodeLocale(PyObject *unicode, const char *errors);

But these functions cannot be used before Python is initialized.

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MojoVampire mannequin commented Jul 18, 2014

How often do people need to convert to do platform independent locale encoding before Python is initialized? Encouraging use of platform dependent wchar_t's seems like a bad idea when PyUnicode abstracts away the difference ever since 3.3 released.

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takluyver mannequin commented Jul 18, 2014

You seem to need wchar_t to call Py_Main and Py_SetProgramName.

I think there's an example in the docs which is wrong, because it appears to pass a char* to Py_SetProgramName:

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Member Author

You seem to need wchar_t to call Py_Main and Py_SetProgramName.

Yes, exactly.

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python-dev mannequin commented Aug 1, 2014

New changeset 93a798c7f270 by Victor Stinner in branch 'default':
Issue bpo-18395: Rename ``_Py_char2wchar()`` to :c:func:`Py_DecodeLocale`, rename

New changeset 94d0e842b9ea by Victor Stinner in branch 'default':
Issue bpo-18395, bpo-22108: Update embedded Python examples to decode correctly

@vstinner vstinner closed this as completed Aug 1, 2014
@ezio-melotti ezio-melotti transferred this issue from another repository Apr 10, 2022
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