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Make PyNumber_Index() always returning an exact int instance #84969

serhiy-storchaka opened this issue May 27, 2020 · 4 comments

Make PyNumber_Index() always returning an exact int instance #84969

serhiy-storchaka opened this issue May 27, 2020 · 4 comments
3.10 interpreter-core type-feature


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@serhiy-storchaka serhiy-storchaka commented May 27, 2020

BPO 40792
Nosy @warsaw, @mdickinson, @serhiy-storchaka
  • #20443
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    title = 'Make PyNumber_Index() always returning an exact int instance'
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    @serhiy-storchaka serhiy-storchaka commented May 27, 2020

    Currently PyNumber_Index() can return something that's an instance of a strict subclass of int. For example PyNumber_Index(Py_True) returns Py_True. The same for operator.index():

    >>> import operator
    >>> operator.index(True)

    The proposed PR makes it always return an int.

    To avoid possible overhead for creating temporary integer object, added private function _PyNumber_Index() with the past behavior. It can be used for short-living integer objects which for which only its value will be used, but not its methods. For example in the implementation of PyLong_AsLong() and similar functions.

    See also bpo-17576.

    @serhiy-storchaka serhiy-storchaka added 3.10 interpreter-core type-feature labels May 27, 2020
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    @serhiy-storchaka serhiy-storchaka commented May 27, 2020

    This change conflicts with the test added in bpo-26202. We perhaps should revert bpo-26202. This can also affect the user code which depends on range() attributes start, stop and step being instances of the int subclass.

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    @mdickinson mdickinson commented May 27, 2020

    The behaviour change for range sounds reasonable to me.

    Just to make sure I understand the impact of the change:

    • For Python < 3.10, we sometimes convert the range inputs to Python ints, and sometimes don't. For example, a start value of np.int64(5) would be converted, but a value of True would not be.

    • With this change, we'd always convert a non-int to an int, so both np.int64(1) and True would be converted to a 1 of exact type int.

    IMO this is fine; the new behaviour seems more consistent than the old.

    >>> import numpy as np
    >>> start = np.int64(2)
    >>> range(start, 5).start is start
    >>> start = True
    >>> range(start, 5).start is start

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    Member Author

    @serhiy-storchaka serhiy-storchaka commented May 28, 2020

    New changeset 5f4b229 by Serhiy Storchaka in branch 'master':
    bpo-40792: Make the result of PyNumber_Index() always having exact type int. (GH-20443)

    @ezio-melotti ezio-melotti transferred this issue from another repository Apr 10, 2022
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