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Deprecate immortal interned strings: PyUnicode_InternImmortal() #85858

vstinner opened this issue Sep 2, 2020 · 9 comments

Deprecate immortal interned strings: PyUnicode_InternImmortal() #85858

vstinner opened this issue Sep 2, 2020 · 9 comments
3.10 only security fixes interpreter-core (Objects, Python, Grammar, and Parser dirs)


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vstinner commented Sep 2, 2020

BPO 41692
Nosy @vstinner, @methane, @serhiy-storchaka, @corona10, @shihai1991
  • bpo-41692: Deprecate PyUnicode_InternImmortal() #22486
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    vstinner commented Sep 2, 2020

    Python has the concept of "immortal" interned strings: PyUnicode_InternImmortal().

    The feature was first introduced in the Python 2 "str" (bytes) type, bpo-576101 (commit 45ec02a). New PyString_InternImmortal() function.

    commit 45ec02a
    Author: Guido van Rossum <>
    Date: Mon Aug 19 21:43:18 2002 +0000

    SF patch 576101, by Oren Tirosh: alternative implementation of
    interning.  I modified Oren's patch significantly, but the basic idea
    and most of the implementation is unchanged.  Interned strings created
    with PyString_InternInPlace() are now mortal, and you must keep a
    reference to the resulting string around; use the new function
    PyString_InternImmortal() to create immortal interned strings.

    Later, the feature was added to the PyUnicodeObject type, new PyUnicode_InternImmortal() function:

    commit 1680713
    Author: Walter Dörwald <>
    Date: Fri May 25 13:52:07 2007 +0000

    Add interning of unicode strings by copying the functionality from
    Intern "True" and "False" in bool_repr() again as it was in the
    8bit string era.

    Since Python 3.10, (mortal) interned strings are cleared at Python exit in Py_Finalize(). It avoids leaking memory when Python is embedded in an application: bpo-1635741.

    commit 666ecfb
    Author: Victor Stinner <>
    Date: Thu Jul 2 01:19:57 2020 +0200

    bpo-1635741: Release Unicode interned strings at exit (GH-21269)
    * PyUnicode_InternInPlace() now ensures that interned strings are
    * Add _PyUnicode_ClearInterned().
    * Py_Finalize() now releases Unicode interned strings:
      call _PyUnicode_ClearInterned().


    PyUnicode_InternImmortal() is not used in the Python standard library. I propose to start deprecating the function and remove it in Python 3.12 (PEP-387 requires a deprecation for 2 releases). In Python 3.10, calling the function will emit a DeprecationWarning at runtime.

    Note: PyString_InternImmortal() (for bytes strings) has been removed from Python 3.0.

    @vstinner vstinner added 3.10 only security fixes interpreter-core (Objects, Python, Grammar, and Parser dirs) labels Sep 2, 2020
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    methane commented Sep 3, 2020


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    corona10 commented Sep 3, 2020


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    Member Author

    vstinner commented Oct 1, 2020

    I proposed PR 22486 to deprecate the function.

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    Member Author

    vstinner commented Oct 2, 2020

    New changeset 583ee5a by Victor Stinner in branch 'master':
    bpo-41692: Deprecate PyUnicode_InternImmortal() (GH-22486)

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    Member Author

    vstinner commented Oct 2, 2020

    The function is now deprecated. Thanks for the review INADA-san, I close the issue. Let's meet in Python 3.12 to remove it ;-)

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    methane commented May 10, 2021

    For the record, I noticed PyUnicode_InternImmortal() is a stable ABI.

    We may need to keep the function to avoid dynamic link errors.
    But we can still change its implementation to just raise an exception.

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    Member Author

    vstinner commented Dec 8, 2021

    I cannot find "PyUnicode_InternImmortal" pattern in the source code of the PyPI top 5000 projects (December 1, 2021).

    I only found a false positive in frozendict-2.1.1:

    frozendict/src/3_10/cpython_src/Include/unicodeobject.h: // PyUnicode_InternImmortal() is deprecated since Python 3.10
    frozendict/src/3_10/cpython_src/Include/unicodeobject.h: Py_DEPRECATED(3.10) PyAPI_FUNC(void) PyUnicode_InternImmortal(PyObject **);
    frozendict/src/3_6/cpython_src/Include/unicodeobject.h: PyAPI_FUNC(void) PyUnicode_InternImmortal(PyObject **);
    frozendict/src/3_7/cpython_src/Include/unicodeobject.h: PyAPI_FUNC(void) PyUnicode_InternImmortal(PyObject **);
    frozendict/src/3_8/cpython_src/Include/unicodeobject.h: PyAPI_FUNC(void) PyUnicode_InternImmortal(PyObject **);
    frozendict/src/3_9/cpython_src/Include/unicodeobject.h: PyAPI_FUNC(void) PyUnicode_InternImmortal(PyObject **);

    These are copies of the Python unicodeobject.h header files, but the PyUnicode_InternImmortal() function is not called by frozendict.

    I used my and tools which can be found at:

    @ezio-melotti ezio-melotti transferred this issue from another repository Apr 10, 2022
    vstinner added a commit that referenced this issue May 13, 2022
    Remove the PyUnicode_InternImmortal() function and the
    The PyUnicode_InternImmortal() function is still exported in the
    stable ABI. The function is removed from the API.
    PyASCIIObject.state.interned size is now a single bit, rather than 2
    backward compatibility, but no longer use them internally since the
    interned member is now a single bit and so can only have two values
    (interned or not interned).
    Update stats of _PyUnicode_ClearInterned().
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    3.10 only security fixes interpreter-core (Objects, Python, Grammar, and Parser dirs)
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