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WIP: Use assign expr in list comprehension #8098

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Just for now

@@ -1341,9 +1341,9 @@ def _generate_toc(self):
if len(stops) < len(starts):
stops.append(line_pos - len(linesep))
labels = [label.strip() for label
in self._file.readline()[1:].split(b',')
if label.strip()]
labels = [slabel for label
in self._file.readline()[1:].split(b',')
if (slabel := label.strip())]

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JimJJewett Jul 6, 2018

This is a counter-example to the "real programmers won't repeat stuff stuff today; they'll just move it to another line, which isn't that hard." (That said, I hope label.strip() is a relatively cheap operation, and that the second invocation will end up re-using the same location, so there won't be much memory churn.)

elif line == b'\037' or line == b'\037' + linesep:
if len(stops) < len(starts):
@@ -843,11 +843,9 @@ def xgtitle(self, group, *, file=None):
DeprecationWarning, 2)
line_pat = re.compile('^([^ \t]+)[ \t]+(.*)$')
resp, raw_lines = self._longcmdstring('XGTITLE ' + group, file)
lines = []
for raw_line in raw_lines:
match =
if match:
lines.append(, 2))
lines = [, 2)
for raw_line in raw_lines
if (match :=]
return resp, lines

def xpath(self, id):
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