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πŸπŸ’β›πŸ€– - A bot for backporting CPython pull requests
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Bot for backporting CPython Pull Requests.

miss-islington requires Python 3.6. Python 3.7 is not yet supported.

Backporting a PR on CPython

Prior to merging a PR, a Python core developer should apply the needs backport to X.Y label to the pull request. Once the pull request has been merged, @miss-islington will prepare the backport PR.

If @miss-islington encountered any issue while backporting, it will leave a comment about it, and the PR will be assigned to the core developer who merged the PR. The PR then needs to be backported manually.

Merging the Backport PR

If a Python core developer approved the backport PR made by miss-islington, it will be automatically merged once all the CI checks passed.

Aside: where does the name come from?

According to Wikipedia, Miss Islington is the name of the witch in the Monty Python and the Holy Grail sketch.

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