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Allow __getattr__ during semantic analysis #5295

merged 4 commits into from Jun 29, 2018
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Just for now

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@@ -3083,6 +3083,18 @@ def lookup_qualified(self, name: str, ctx: Context,
n = names.get(parts[i], None)
if n and isinstance(n.node, ImportedName):
n = self.dereference_module_cross_ref(n)
elif '__getattr__' in names:
getattr_defn = names['__getattr__']
if isinstance(getattr_defn.node, (FuncDef, Var)):
if isinstance(getattr_defn.node.type, CallableType):
typ = getattr_defn.node.type.ret_type
typ = AnyType(TypeOfAny.from_error)
name = parts[i]
v = Var(name, type=typ)
v._fullname = name
n = SymbolTableNode(GDEF, v)
names[name] = n

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msullivan Jun 29, 2018


It might be worth pulling this out into another method, since it is a big chunk of code for an obscure case.

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ilevkivskyi Jun 29, 2018

Author Collaborator

Makes sense. I there is also similar code above in visit_import_from, it would make sense to combine the two into a helper method. I will do this tomorrow.

# TODO: What if node is Var or FuncDef?
if not n:
if not suppress_errors:
@@ -4451,3 +4451,21 @@ class C(B):
def meth(cls, x: int) -> int: ...
[builtins fixtures/classmethod.pyi]

[case testGetAttrImportAnnotation]
import a
x: a.A
[file a.pyi]
from typing import Any
def __getattr__(attr: str) -> Any: ...
[builtins fixtures/module.pyi]

[case testGetAttrImportBaseClass]
import a
class B(a.A): ...
[file a.pyi]
from typing import Any
def __getattr__(attr: str) -> Any: ...
[builtins fixtures/module.pyi]
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