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APT Packages

PSF Infrastructure has the ability to create apt repositories stored on S3. The primary one of these is named "psf" and it is located at The psf repository has been added to all servers by default and can be used to ship things which are not available in Ubuntu or a ppa or for which there are patched versions required.

Install from the PSF repository

Generally nothing different needs to happen to install from the PSF repository, just a simple apt-get install <something> or adding it to a salt state should pick up the package automatically.

Uploading to the PSF repository

In order to upload to the PSF repository you must be a member of the aptly-uploaders group. You can add yourself to this group by simply editing pillar/users.sls and adding:

      - aptly-uploaders

below your user account.

After you're a member of that aptly-uploaders group, you can upload a .deb or a .dsc file by simplying placing it in the /srv/aptly/incoming/psf-trusty/ or /srv/aptly/incoming/psf-precise/ directory on the server depending on if the package is for trusty or precise. For example:

$ scp python-wal-e_0.7.2-2_all.deb

Every 5 minutes will scan this directory for new files, process them and then they will be available in the PSF repository.