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Brazilian Portuguese Translation of the Python Documentation


Check our wiki for more guidance on translating

Translation priorities

The following modules we consider as priority targets, hence should receive more attention than other modules/pages (0 has higher priority than 2). Please helps assure they are a 100% translated.

Priority 0

  • bugs
  • glossary
  • library/functions
  • library/index
  • library/intro
  • library/constants
  • library/stdtypes
  • library/exceptions
  • sphinx
  • tutorial/ (all!)

Priority 1

  • reference/ (all)

Priority 2

  • library/turtle
  • library/ (except the ones mentioned above)

Documentation Contribution Agreement

NOTE REGARDING THE LICENSE FOR TRANSLATIONS: Python's documentation is maintained using a global network of volunteers. By posting this project on Transifex, GitHub, and other public places, and inviting you to participate, we are proposing an agreement that you will provide your improvements to Python's documentation or the translation of Python's documentation for the PSF's use under the CC0 license (available at In return, you may publicly claim credit for the portion of the translation you contributed and if your translation is accepted by the PSF, you may (but are not required to) submit a patch including an appropriate annotation in the Misc/ACKS or TRANSLATORS file. Although nothing in this Documentation Contribution Agreement obligates the PSF to incorporate your textual contribution, your participation in the Python community is welcomed and appreciated.

You signify acceptance of this agreement by submitting your work to the PSF for inclusion in the documentation.