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Job navigation should not include non-approved job postings #285

webbyfox opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Rizwan Marc-Andre Lemburg Giles Thomas Jacob Burch Justin Abrahms Frank Wiles

Currently (12/3/14 10:12 GMT) Two jobs showing on top counter of Job section. if you click on job page there is navigation at bottom for next and previous job which explore more job and surely more then two jobs.

There are some jobs not published correctly or they are not meant to show online ??

Marc-Andre Lemburg

You are currently looking at the staging area of the new job board. This is still in the porting process (see We will go live once we have sorted out the backend.

Until then, please see the old job board at

Marc-Andre Lemburg

Thanks for the bug report. Those additional job postings should indeed not be shown in the navigation until they are in the approved status.



Rizwan webbyfox closed this
Rizwan webbyfox reopened this
Giles Thomas

The "More jobs in XXX" list to the top right also has unapproved jobs in it. Two problems:

a) Unapproved ones should not show up there.
b) The links are wrong -- the all go to the company page for the current job.

Jacob Burch jacobb was assigned by frankwiles
Jacob Burch

I've submitted a fix for the prev/next -- It seems the category listings have been fixed already.

Justin Abrahms

Looks like this can be closed, thanks to @jacobb's commit on 25afae5.

Frank Wiles frankwiles closed this
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