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Best Practices for Effective Governance

These are some best practices of healthy councils and boards.

Board members

  • Focus on the Mission.
  • Build a Culture of Trust.
  • Speak Your Mind.
  • Build Teamwork Outside of the Council

Three Hats, One Role at a Time

Members wear three hats:

  • governance hat (acting as a unified group)
  • implementation hat (acting on the board's behalf)
  • volunteer hat (serve as organizational volunteers)

Yet, one can only wear one at a time. It's important to reflect on one's role and act accordingly.

Communication with the Community

Communication about the organization doesn't have to be formal.

  • Timely sharing of information. Updates on a regular basis are helpful.
  • Be receptive to questions.
  • Help the next board succeed by developing onboarding tips.

Evolve over time

One size does not fit all boards, and boards can and should change.

There's no single blueprint for success. ...consider their own organizations' history and values.

Bibliography - The Nonprofit Board Answer Book, Third Edition