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Flask blog!

This is the Flask Blog project from Chapter 7 of "Real Python Part 2: Web Development with Python." All the code was freshly hand-typed by myself, with no copying and pasting.

This little app is also the first step in my journey to web development - my latest "Python Adventure." As I work through "Real Python Part 2", I plan to document my progress at I have no idea, at this stage, how far I'll get or where I'll end up. I already see there is much to learn. I'm by nature impatient. I could easily plow through "Real Python", mindlessly typing in code and making it work, without any deep understanding of how it works or how to use what I'm learning. My goal is to fight that urge, making sure I understand each step before moving on to the next, because I want this knowledge to be useful to both myself and others, someday.

My current goal: understand each part of the Flask blog app, to the point where I could write my own simple, similar Flask app. I won't move on to the next chapter of "Real Python" before I meet this goal. Updates on my progress are below, most recent at the top. Any comments or thoughts, hit me up via Twitter: @BlueGator4.

2016-07-16 Did some experiments with app.config to make sure I understand how to update the configuration using a file, and using uppercase names within the module itself. I'm going to put off the Flask tutorial (see below) until I complete 'Real Python Part 2'.

2016-07-12 Flask Blog is running, complete with CSS and debug turned on. I've noted sections of the code I need to research more to make sure I understand them. Related goals: 1) Complete the Flask tutorial ( 2) Research how the the following Flask modules work: 'request', 'session', 'flash', 'g'.