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The PythonAnywhere Help Pages

Individual help pages can be found in the "articles" folder. They're in markdown format. Pull requests are welcome!

This repo contains the source files for They are stored in markdown format and converted to html by the Nikola static site generator.

(for PA developers): pushing changes to live

A post-receive hook will take care of the nikola build and deploy

git remote add live-site
# you'll probably want to add your public key to help's authorized_keys
git push live-site master

generating the help pages manually

The sources, if you need to rebuild manually are in /var/www/nikola-sources

For whatever reason...

workon nikola
nikola build
nikola deploy  # nb this has a hard-coded path to a static files directory for the web app, so don't run it on your own pc

Git stuff

The git post-receive hook (in /home/help/barerepo.git/hooks), in case it gets killed is:

export GIT_WORK_TREE=/var/www/nikola-sources
mkdir -p $GIT_WORK_TREE
git checkout -f
echo "begin nikola build: "`date` >> /home/help/deploy-log.txt
/home/help/.virtualenvs/nikola/bin/nikola check --clean-files
rm -f output/assets/js/tipuesearch_content.json            
/home/help/.virtualenvs/nikola/bin/nikola build
/home/help/.virtualenvs/nikola/bin/nikola deploy
echo "deploy completed: "`date` >> /home/help/deploy-log.txt