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I guess a cross-platform native GUI library with also WebAssembly in mind, would be a good focus. And by cross-platform I mean like PC+embedded+web+mobile cross-platform :)

I would personally love to see a better desktop GUI story. While I haven't kept up with the current state of the libraries, my impression is that they are still immature or unidiomatic, which is usually a result of most popular GUI toolkits having an OOP design that doesn't mesh well with rusts design philosophy.

I wonder if rust needs a group where some GUI experts and a few PL researchers can come together and decide how to make a Libra which is idiomatic rust and yet does only the bare minimum in the cross platform sense. Taking inspiration from how xamarin, silver (elements), sublime, gtk, qt etc do it.

A while ago I was playing around with Webrender to experiment with doing a Flutter/React-type UI library. It's quite a steep challenge so I didn't get that far. I used a binding to Facebook's Yoga library to handle layout.

What is currently the best options for GUI programming with Rust ? I'm looking for the best option to make a gui program, but it's seems that there is multiples alternatives, i want something easy to use, what do you advise me ?

Are we cross-platform native GUI yet? What is the current state of writing a native GUI app in Rust that could run on (at least) Windows and Linux, unmodified if possible? (I'd like to avoid electron and the like).

I was wondering what would be the Rust native means of accomplishing a complex "non-native" GUI like this one? It seems like Conrod is heading in that direction and development is very active, but there isn't a lot of documentation outside the examples.

I need to GUI framework. Hello here. Is there any GUI framework for Rust lang. Thanks beforehand.

GUI crates and options? Hey Rustaceans, I was wondering, what is the current milieu around GUI libraries? What is the standard for composing GUI applications, and what tools/crates should I be looking for?

What is the best way to structure a GTK Rust application (using gtk-rs) so that GTK elements can be accessed from other functions?

Ultralight - Possible GUI option? I just found this Ultralight framework that seems to provide a lighter weight alternative to chromium embeddings.