PyCon India App developed with Kivy
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PyCon India 2018 Application

Mobile App for PyConIndia


Kivy Installation:


Install from pip

  • pip install -r requirements.txt


To test install kivy and run the following::

$ python eventsapp/ -m screen:droid2,portrait -m inspector
$ python3 eventsapp/ -m screen:droid2,portrait -m inspector

Help on screens

To change images in app

  • Paste/change the image in PyCon-Mobile-App/tools/theming
  • Change your directory to PyCon-Mobile-App
  • Run command make theming

This command will aggregate all the png images in your file to one atlas from which the images are loaded.

to make apk prefer linux

  1. Install buildozer: pip install buildozer
  2. Edit the buildozer.spec to specify if you have android ndk and sdk, if not they will be automatically be downloaded by the next step.
  3. Connect your mobile, enable usb debugging, Then goto PyConIndia folder and type make apk

Link to a existing vm that can be re-used will be added for convenience.

to make ipa for ios **

  1. Install XCode with latest updates & latest command line tools
  2. pip install buildozer
  3. goto the app folder and do buildozer init
  4. edit the buildoze.spec and add details for ios
  5. run buildozer ios debug

** Release Notes **


*** Enjoy ***