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What is it?

Speech Hub is a simple and static command line blog engine. It allows you to create posts and publish them on your server.

What do you mean by 'command line'?

With Speech Hub you are able to create posts, publish them, modify, remove, etc. all using just your *nix command line. You don't need to access a web browser to do it. All you need is Speech Hub, a text editor (it doesn't matter which one), and a tool to publish the content to your server.

And what do you mean by 'static'?

It is a static tool because all the processing takes place on your computer, when you create the blog post. Once you did it, you are able to just push the content to your static website.

Okay, but what about 'simple'?

If you remember "The Zen of Python, by Tim Peters", the third rule is "Simple is better than complex". We assume here that if you need a static way to create a blog, it may be because Wordpress or Blogspot just became too complex (or complicated) for your purpose. Often, all you need is an easy, quick and simple way to publish your content on the web. So, why should you need to use Wordpress to do it?

Very interesting, but there are several grammar mistakes in your text!

Okay, this is how things work here: I help you with the blog issues and you help me with English, okay? (free French and Dutch lessons also appreciated)

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