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If you have issues during installation, then here is troubleshooting wiki:,-Linux,-and-OSX


pip install pythonnet

See Wheels on Windows are available.

GitHub installation from master branch

pip install git+

or download the zip archive of master branch (or run git clone and run these commands from unzipped directory:

pip install .

or from pull requests, e.g.:

pip install git+

Windows binaries from master or pull requests

Select job nameartifacts


We do not provide support for unofficial forks of Python.NET.

The official NuGet package (3.0 preview for Python 3.x) is available:

universal 3.0 previews for Python 3.x on NuGet

conda (Anaconda)

conda install -c conda-forge pythonnet


To install for development, check out the directory and run

python develop
# or
pip install -e .

for the initial setup and

python develop

for subsequent updates.