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PythonPune Meetup Talks

Welcome to meetup repository of PythonPune. This repository contains details of monthly events conducted as part of this group.

Submit a talk/workshop

If you want to submit a talk for upcoming events, then you can create a new issue on this repository. Just fill in the requested details and one of us will take care of scheduling the talk/workshop.

When a talk/workshop proposal is created, it gets labeled with talk-proposal. Once it's confirmed and the date is decided, scheduled label will be added to it.

After the event, the event page will be updated with summary, slides and code snippets of the talk. Once done, the issue will be closed.

Monthly newsletter

At the beginning of every month an issue will be created. It will have 'Newsletter Collection Box' in it's name. This issue will have newsletter label on it. Anyone can post links to blog posts, news articles related to Python on this issue.

All the links will be compiled together and saved as in that months directory. It will be presented during the meetup as well.

Summary of past events

This is the index of summaries of past events.


How to add newsletter and event summary

To add newsletter file ( or event summary ( for the current month run following commands. Make sure you have installed Hugo and Go on your machine.

Note: It will not overwrite the existing files from the directory.

$ make event
Creating summary files in 'content/2020/March'.
mkdir --parents content/2020/March
hugo new content/2020/March/ --kind "event"
content/2020/March/ created
$ make newsletter
Creating newsletter files in 'content/2020/March'.
mkdir --parents content/2020/March
hugo new content/2020/March/ --kind "newsletter"
content/2020/March/ created

It's possible to generate the files for a specific year and month combination by setting the value of DATE_DIR variable.

$ DATE_DIR="2020/April" make event
Creating summary files in 'content/2020/April'.
mkdir --parents content/2020/April
hugo new content/2020/April/ --kind "event"
content/2020/April/ created

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for PythonPune meetup group can be found here.


This repository is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0). The slides, code snippets or any other images in this repository might have a different license as well as copyright, please check before reusing the material. See LICENSE for the full license text.


Collection of slides and other details of the talks delivered in PythonPune meetups



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