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Scaling Neural Machine Translation (Ott et al., 2018)

This page includes instructions for reproducing results from the paper Scaling Neural Machine Translation (Ott et al., 2018).

Pre-trained models

Description Dataset Model Test set(s)
(Ott et al., 2018)
WMT14 English-French download (.tar.bz2) newstest2014 (shared vocab):
download (.tar.bz2)
(Ott et al., 2018)
WMT16 English-German download (.tar.bz2) newstest2014 (shared vocab):
download (.tar.bz2)

Training a new model on WMT'16 En-De

Please first download the preprocessed WMT'16 En-De data provided by Google. Then:

  1. Extract the WMT'16 En-De data:
$ TEXT=wmt16_en_de_bpe32k
$ mkdir $TEXT
$ tar -xzvf wmt16_en_de.tar.gz -C $TEXT
  1. Preprocess the dataset with a joined dictionary:
$ fairseq-preprocess --source-lang en --target-lang de \
  --trainpref $TEXT/train.tok.clean.bpe.32000 \
  --validpref $TEXT/newstest2013.tok.bpe.32000 \
  --testpref $TEXT/newstest2014.tok.bpe.32000 \
  --destdir data-bin/wmt16_en_de_bpe32k \
  --nwordssrc 32768 --nwordstgt 32768 \
  1. Train a model:
$ fairseq-train data-bin/wmt16_en_de_bpe32k \
  --arch transformer_vaswani_wmt_en_de_big --share-all-embeddings \
  --optimizer adam --adam-betas '(0.9, 0.98)' --clip-norm 0.0 \
  --lr-scheduler inverse_sqrt --warmup-init-lr 1e-07 --warmup-updates 4000 \
  --lr 0.0005 --min-lr 1e-09 \
  --dropout 0.3 --weight-decay 0.0 --criterion label_smoothed_cross_entropy --label-smoothing 0.1 \
  --max-tokens 3584 \

Note that the --fp16 flag requires you have CUDA 9.1 or greater and a Volta GPU.

If you want to train the above model with big batches (assuming your machine has 8 GPUs):

  • add --update-freq 16 to simulate training on 8*16=128 GPUs
  • increase the learning rate; 0.001 works well for big batches


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