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Commits on Apr 16, 2019
  1. removing support in llvm 6 and below (#2699)

    mortzur committed Apr 16, 2019
    * removing support in llvm 6 and below
    * build: only support LLVM 8
    Adjust the build to use the `REQUIRED` parameter to `find_package` as we want to
    drop support for LLVM 6, and LLVM 8 is the first version available built with
    the C++11 ABI.
    Make the llvm-link search more resilient to the future by using the
    LLVM_VERSION_MAJOR variable to add the suffix.  Additionally, when building
    against the build tree, fetch the exported target for llvm-link and use that.
    * pocl workaround
    * disable yaml empty sequence serialization test for llvm8
    * fix llvm finding in cmake and CI build script
    * fixed mistakenly removed flag, clean build script, removed incorrect comments
Commits on Mar 30, 2019
  1. [New Operator] PRelu node creation, lowering and unittest (#2619)

    mortzur authored and rdzhabarov committed Mar 30, 2019
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