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miguelvr and vfdev-5 TQDM Progress Bar (#256)
* adds tqdm progress bar to the contrib module

* added output transform to progbar handler

* ProgressBar docstring and removal of metric in __init__

* fix in ProgressBar docstring

* fixed ProgressBar closing mechanism, now requires engine to be initialized

* removal of tqdm from requirements + conditional import of tqdm

* simpler output

* fix docstring

* add engine arg to progbar docstring

* added progress bar unit test

* improved test_pbar robustness

* fix test_pbar assertion
 - it was yielding errors due to different key orders in the dictionaries

* added mode and log frequency to ProgressBar

* changed notation from log_frequency to log_interval

* fixed progbar self.log_interval class attribute

* added handlers.rst to docs

* added progbar iteration mode unit test

* allows progbar log_interval to be None

* fix progbar docstring

* folder refactoring

* improved progbar docstring

* added a note to progbar docstring

* removes running average from progress bar

* refactored ProgressBar to be reused by different engines

* correct format of docs for ProgressBar

* detaches metric logging from progressbar, allowing for custom logging functions

* adapted docs to latest changes

* fix ProgressBar docstring

* renamed attach_metric to add_logging for clarity

* added ProgressBar and RunningAverage to DCGAN example

* DCGAN: replace print with pbar log method

* removes pbar dependency on num_iterations and allow metric_names to be None in the attach method

* pbar: removed add_logging, adapted unit tests and updated dcgan example

* pep8 fix: removed unused import

* fix encoding error, pbar now throws exception error when metrics are not in engine

* explicit unicode string encoding in test_pbar

* add extra test to ProgressBar
Latest commit 9241237 Oct 2, 2018