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* - updated image classifier default handler
- updated custom resnet and mnist handlers
- update docs

* documentation update
- removed stale

* updated docs

* Doc restructure and code fixes

* Updated example as per fix in default handlers

* Enhanced base and custom handler examples

* Missing checking for manifest

* Fixed some typos

* Removed commented code

* Refactor BaseHandler

* Adding in unit tests

* Fixed gitignore in this branch

* Fix a bug with Image Segmenter

* Updated Object Detector to reuse functionality; consistency

* Fix pylint errors

* Backwards compat for index_names.json

* Fixed Image Segmenter again

* Made the compat layer in text actually compat.

* Removed batching from text classifier

* Adding comments per review.

* Fixing doc feedback.

* Updating docs about batching.

* Fixed error introduced due to conflict resolution via web based merge tool

* Corrected code comment

* - Updated Object detection & text classification handlers
- updated docs

* fixed python linting errors

* updated index to name json text classifier

* fixed object detector handler for batch support

* Fixed the batch inference output

* update expected output as per new handler changes

* updated text classification mar name in sanity suite

* updated text classifier mar name and removed bert scripted models

* updated model zoo with new text classification url

* added model_name in while registering model in sanity suite

* updated text classification model name

* added upgrade option for installing python dependencies in install utils

* added upgrade option for installing python dependencies and extra numpy package in regression suite

* refectored pytests in regression suite for better performance and reporting

* minor fix in torch-archiver command

* reverted postprocess removal

* updated mar files in model zoo to use updated handlers

* updated regression suite to use updated mar files

* suppressed pylint warning in UT

* fixed resnet-152 mar name and expected output

* updated inference tests data
- added tolerence value for resent152 models

* Added custom handler in vgg11 example (#559)

* added custom handler for vgg11

* added readme for vgg11 example

* fixed typo in readme

* updated model zoo

* reverted back changes for scripted vgg11 mar file

* added vgg11 model to regression test suite

* disabled pylint check in UT

* updated expected response for vgg11 inference in regression suite

* updated expected response for vgg11 inference in regression suite

* updated expected for densenet scripted

Co-authored-by: Harsh Bafna <>
Co-authored-by: dhaniram kshirsagar <>
Co-authored-by: dhaniram-kshirsagar <>
Co-authored-by: Henry Tappen <>
Co-authored-by: harshbafna <>
Co-authored-by: Aaqib <>
23 contributors

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@harshbafna @dhaniram-kshirsagar @maaquib @shivamshriwas @FrancescoSaverioZuppichini @takp @TheRochVoices @aaronmarkham @mycpuorg @lanpa @htappen @hephaex
Module for image classification default handler
import torch
import torch.nn.functional as F
from torchvision import transforms
from .vision_handler import VisionHandler
from ..utils.util import map_class_to_label
class ImageClassifier(VisionHandler):
ImageClassifier handler class. This handler takes an image
and returns the name of object in that image.
topk = 5
# These are the standard Imagenet dimensions
# and statistics
image_processing = transforms.Compose([
transforms.Normalize(mean=[0.485, 0.456, 0.406],
std=[0.229, 0.224, 0.225])
def set_max_result_classes(self, topk):
self.topk = topk
def get_max_result_classes(self):
return self.topk
def postprocess(self, data):
ps = F.softmax(data, dim=1)
probs, classes = torch.topk(ps, self.topk, dim=1)
probs = probs.tolist()
classes = classes.tolist()
return map_class_to_label(probs, self.mapping, classes)