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# pylint: disable=E1102
# TODO remove pylint disable comment after gets merged.
Module for text classification default handler
import logging
import torch
import torch.nn.functional as F
from captum.attr import TokenReferenceBase
from import ngrams_iterator
from ..utils.util import map_class_to_label
from .text_handler import TextHandler
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class TextClassifier(TextHandler):
TextClassifier handler class. This handler takes a text (string) and
as input and returns the classification text based on the model vocabulary.
ngrams = 2
def preprocess(self, data):
"""Normalizes the input text for PyTorch model using following basic cleanup operations :
- remove html tags
- lowercase all text
- expand contractions [like I'd -> I would, don't -> do not]
- remove accented characters
- remove punctuations
Converts the normalized text to tensor using the source_vocab.
data (str): The input data is in the form of a string
(Tensor): Text Tensor is returned after perfoming the pre-processing operations
(str): The raw input is also returned in this function
# Compat layer: normally the envelope should just return the data
# directly, but older versions of Torchserve didn't have envelope.
# Processing only the first input, not handling batch inference
line = data[0]
text = line.get("data") or line.get("body")
# Decode text if not a str but bytes or bytearray
if isinstance(text, (bytes, bytearray)):
text = text.decode("utf-8")
text = self._remove_html_tags(text)
text = text.lower()
text = self._expand_contractions(text)
text = self._remove_accented_characters(text)
text = self._remove_punctuation(text)
text = self._tokenize(text)
text_tensor = torch.as_tensor(
[self.source_vocab[token] for token in ngrams_iterator(text, self.ngrams)],
return text_tensor, text
def inference(self, data, *args, **kwargs):
"""The Inference Request is made through this function and the user
needs to override the inference function to customize it.
data (torch tensor): The data is in the form of Torch Tensor
whose shape should match that of the
Model Input shape.
(Torch Tensor): The predicted response from the model is returned
in this function.
text_tensor, _ = data
offsets = torch.as_tensor([0], device=self.device)
return super().inference(text_tensor, offsets)
def postprocess(self, data):
The post process function converts the prediction response into a
Torchserve compatible format
data (Torch Tensor): The data parameter comes from the prediction output
output_explain (None): Defaults to None.
(list): Returns the response containing the predictions and explanations
(if the Endpoint is hit).It takes the form of a list of dictionary.
data = F.softmax(data)
data = data.tolist()
return map_class_to_label(data, self.mapping)
def get_insights(self, text_preprocess, _, target=0):
"""Calculates the captum insights
text_preprocess (tensor): Tensor of the Text Input
_ (str): The Raw text data specified in the input request
target (int): Defaults to 0, the user needs to specify the target
for the captum explanation.
(dict): Returns a dictionary of the word token importances
text_tensor, all_tokens = text_preprocess
token_reference = TokenReferenceBase()"input_text shape %s", len(text_tensor.shape))"get_insights target %s", target)
offsets = torch.tensor([0]).to(self.device)
all_tokens = self.get_word_token(all_tokens)"text_tensor tokenized shape %s", text_tensor.shape)
reference_indices = token_reference.generate_reference(
text_tensor.shape[0], device=self.device
).squeeze(0)"reference indices shape %s", reference_indices.shape)
# all_tokens = self.get_word_token(text)
attributions = self.lig.attribute(
)"attributions shape %s", attributions.shape)
attributions_sum = self.summarize_attributions(attributions)
response = {}
response["importances"] = attributions_sum.tolist()
response["words"] = all_tokens
return [response]