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Version 0.4.0

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@ethanwharris ethanwharris released this 17 Sep 11:30
· 34 commits to master since this release

[0.4.0] - 2019-07-05


  • Added with_loader trial method that allows running of custom batch loaders
  • Added a Mock Model which is set when None is passed as the model to a Trial. Mock Model always returns None.
  • Added __call__(state) to StateKey so that they can now be used as losses
  • Added a callback to do cutout regularisation
  • Added a with_data trial method that allows passing of train, val and test data in one call
  • Added the missing on_init callback decorator
  • Added a step_on_batch flag to the early stopping callback
  • Added multi image support to imaging
  • Added a callback to unpack state into torchbearer.X at sample time for specified keys and update state after the forward pass based on model outputs. This is useful for using DataParallel which pass the main state dict directly.
  • Added callback for generating confusion matrices with PyCM
  • Added a mixup callback with associated loss
  • Added Label Smoothing Regularisation (LSR) callback
  • Added CutMix regularisation
  • Added default metric from paper for when Mixup loss is used


  • Changed history to now just be a list of records
  • Categorical Accuracy metric now also accepts tensors of size (B, C) and gets the max over C for the taget class



  • Removed the variational sub-package, this will now be packaged separately
  • Removed verbose argument from the early stopping callback


  • Fixed a bug where list or dictionary metrics would cause the tensorboard callback to error
  • Fixed a bug where running a trial without training steps would error
  • Fixed a bug where the caching imaging callback didn't reset data so couldn't be run in multiple trials
  • Fixed a bug in the ClassAppearanceModel callback
  • Fixed a bug where the state given to predict was not a State object
  • Fixed a bug with Cutout on gpu
  • Fixed a bug where MakeGrid callback wasn't passing all arguments correctly
  • Fixed a bug in ImagingCallback that would sometimes cause make_grid to throw an error
  • Fixed a bug where the verbose argument would not work unless given as a keyword argument
  • Fixed a bug where the data_key argument would sometimes not work as expected
  • Fixed a bug where cutout required a seed
  • Fixed a bug where cutmix wasn't sendign the beta distribution sample to the device