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PyTrackDat — A pipeline for online data collection and management

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PyTrackDat comprises two Python scripts that analyze and assist in converting data and relevant metadata from .csv files into an online database that can facilitate data management, manipulation, and quality control. What each of these scripts does is outlined in this file. Note that the care that is taken to assemble .csv files before using these scripts will help ensure that the database generated is maximally useful.


The latest documentation is available on ReadTheDocs.


Enabling GIS mode

To enable experimental GIS support, add the following to the shell environment:


The SPATIALITE_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable must also be configured to point to the Spatialite library instance in some cases (if Django cannot find it automatically).

Using Spatialite for GIS on macOS

To use Spatialite on macOS, it is suggested that brew is used to install the spatialite-tools and gdal packages.

SPATIALITE_LIBRARY_PATH on macOS should be the following:


The built-in python3 that ships with macOS does not have extension support enabled, and thus cannot be used to build the PyTrackDat site.