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Welcome to the pytrainer wiki!

About pytrainer

pytrainer is a desktop application for logging and graphing sporting excursions such as running or cycling sessions. Data can be imported from GPS devices, files or input manually.

Currently pytrainer supports GPX, TCX and FIT files. Please check the list of supported devices


pytrainer may be available in your distribution's package repositories. If not, or if you want the latest version, then you can install from source by extracting an archived release from the pytrainer downloads page and following the instructions in the INSTALL file.


If you encounter a problem with pytrainer, please let us know so we can fix and improve things. You can either send a support request to the developers mail list (pytrainer-devel@lists.sourceforge.net ), or create a ticket. You may also want to check the Frequently Asked Qquestions.

When logging issues it is often helpful to:

  • start pytrainer in debug mode (`-d` start up option) and include logging output from `~/.pytrainer/log.out`
  • when experiencing import errors, specify which plugin you are using and include the temporary import file in `~/.pytrainer/tmp/`
  • provide any other output from the terminal window 


pytrainer source code is hosted on GitHub: https://github.com/pytrainer.


If you are contributing features or bug fixes to pytrainer then please read the Development Guide.

If you want to help with localization then please read the Localization Guide.


pytrainer is released under the GNU GPL v2+.