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Satpy CodeScene Code Health

The Satpy package is a python library for reading and manipulating meteorological remote sensing data and writing it to various image and data file formats. Satpy comes with the ability to make various RGB composites directly from satellite instrument channel data or higher level processing output. The pyresample package is used to resample data to different uniform areas or grids.

The documentation is available at


Satpy can be installed from PyPI with pip:

pip install satpy

It is also available from conda-forge for conda installations:

conda install -c conda-forge satpy

Code of Conduct

Satpy follows the same code of conduct as the PyTroll project. For reference it is copied to this repository in

As stated in the PyTroll home page, this code of conduct applies to the project space (GitHub) as well as the public space online and offline when an individual is representing the project or the community. Online examples of this include the PyTroll Slack team, mailing list, and the PyTroll twitter account. This code of conduct also applies to in-person situations like PyTroll Contributor Weeks (PCW), conference meet-ups, or any other time when the project is being represented.

Any violations of this code of conduct will be handled by the core maintainers of the project including David Hoese, Martin Raspaud, and Adam Dybbroe. If you wish to report one of the maintainers for a violation and are not comfortable with them seeing it, please contact one or more of the other maintainers to report the violation. Responses to violations will be determined by the maintainers and may include one or more of the following:

  • Verbal warning
  • Ask for public apology
  • Temporary or permanent ban from in-person events
  • Temporary or permanent ban from online communication (Slack, mailing list, etc)

For details see the official