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File metadata and controls

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Security Policy

Supported Versions

Satpy is currently pre-1.0 and includes a lot of changes in every release. As such we can't guarantee that releases before 1.0 will see security updates except for the most recent release. After 1.0, you can expect more stability in the interfaces and security fixes to be backported more regularly.

Version Supported
0.x.x (latest)
< 0.33.0

Unsafe YAML Loading

Satpy allows for unsafe loading of YAML configuration files. Any YAML files from untrusted sources should be sanitized of possibly malicious code.

Reporting a Vulnerability

Do you think you've found a security vulnerability or issue in this project? Let us know by sending an email to the maintainers at Please include as much information on the issue as possible like code examples, documentation on the issue in other packages, etc.