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Satpy's Documentation

Satpy is a python library for reading, manipulating, and writing data from remote-sensing earth-observing meteorological satellite instruments. Satpy provides users with readers that convert geophysical parameters from various file formats to the common Xarray :class:`~xarray.DataArray` and :class:`~xarray.Dataset` classes for easier interoperability with other scientific python libraries. Satpy also provides interfaces for creating RGB (Red/Green/Blue) images and other composite types by combining data from multiple instrument bands or products. Various atmospheric corrections and visual enhancements are provided for improving the usefulness and quality of output images. Output data can be written to multiple output file formats such as PNG, GeoTIFF, and CF standard NetCDF files. Satpy also allows users to resample data to geographic projected grids (areas). Satpy is maintained by the open source Pytroll group.

The Satpy library acts as a high-level abstraction layer on top of other libraries maintained by the Pytroll group including:

Go to the Satpy project page for source code and downloads.

Satpy is designed to be easily extendable to support any meteorological satellite by the creation of plugins (readers, compositors, writers, etc). The table at the bottom of this page shows the input formats supported by the base Satpy installation.


Satpy's interfaces are not guaranteed stable and may change until version 1.0 when backwards compatibility will be a main focus.

.. versionchanged:: 0.20.0

    Dropped Python 2 support.

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    :maxdepth: 2


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    Satpy API <api/satpy>

Satpy Readers
Description Reader name Status
MSG (Meteosat 8 to 11) SEVIRI data in HRIT format seviri_l1b_hrit Nominal
MSG (Meteosat 8 to 11) SEVIRI data in native format seviri_l1b_native HRV full disk data cannot be remapped.
MSG (Meteosat 8 to 11) SEVIRI data in netCDF format seviri_l1b_nc
HRV channel not supported, incomplete metadata
in the files. EUMETSAT has been notified.
MSG (Meteosat 8 to 11) L2 products in BUFR format seviri_l2_bufr AMV Bufr products not available yet.
Himawari 8 and 9 AHI data in HSD format ahi_hsd Nominal
Himawari 8 and 9 AHI data in HRIT format ahi_hrit Nominal
MTSAT-1R JAMI data in JMA HRIT format jami_hrit Beta
MTSAT-2 Imager data in JMA HRIT format mtsat2-imager_hrit Beta
GOES-R imager data in netcdf format abi_l1b Nominal
NOAA GOES-R ABI L2+ products in netcdf format abi_l2_nc Beta
GOES 11 to 15 imager data in HRIT format goes-imager_hrit Nominal
GOES 8 to 15 imager data in netCDF format (from NOAA CLASS) goes-imager_nc Beta
Electro-L N2 MSU-GS data in HRIT format electrol_hrit Nominal
NOAA 15 to 19, Metop A to C AVHRR data in AAPP format avhrr_l1b_aapp Nominal
Metop A to C AVHRR in native level 1 format avhrr_l1b_eps Nominal
Tiros-N, NOAA 7 to 19 AVHRR data in GAC and LAC format avhrr_l1b_gaclac Nominal
NOAA 15 to 19 AVHRR data in raw HRPT format avhrr_l1b_hrpt In development
GCOM-W1 AMSR2 data in HDF5 format amsr2_l1b Nominal
MTG FCI Level 1C data for Full Disk High Spectral Imagery (FDHSI) in netcdf format fci_l1c_fdhsi In development
Callipso Caliop Level 2 Cloud Layer data (v3) in EOS-hdf4 format caliop_l2_cloud In development
Terra and Aqua MODIS data in EOS-hdf4 level-1 format as produced by IMAPP and IPOPP or downloaded from LAADS modis_l1b Nominal
NWCSAF GEO 2016 products in netCDF4 format (limited to SEVIRI) nwcsaf-geo In development
NWCSAF PPS 2014, 2018 products in netCDF4 format nwcsaf-pps_nc
Not yet support for remapped netCDF products.
Only the standard swath based output is supported.
CPP products not supported yet
Sentinel-1 A and B SAR-C data in SAFE format sar-c_safe Nominal
Sentinel-2 A and B MSI data in SAFE format msi_safe Nominal
Sentinel-3 A and B OLCI Level 1B data in netCDF4 format olci_l1b Nominal
Sentinel-3 A and B OLCI Level 2 data in netCDF4 format olci_l2 Nominal
Sentinel-3 A and B SLSTR data in netCDF4 format slstr_l1b In development
OSISAF SST data in GHRSST (netcdf) format ghrsst_l3c_sst In development
NUCAPS EDR Retrieval in NetCDF4 format nucaps Nominal
NOAA Level 2 ACSPO SST data in netCDF4 format acspo Nominal
GEOstationary Cloud Algorithm Test-bed (GEOCAT) geocat Nominal
The Clouds from AVHRR Extended (CLAVR-x) clavrx Nominal
SNPP VIIRS data in HDF5 SDR format viirs_sdr Nominal
SNPP VIIRS data in netCDF4 L1B format viirs_l1b Nominal
SNPP VIIRS SDR data in HDF5 Compact format viirs_compact Nominal
AAPP MAIA VIIRS and AVHRR products in hdf5 format maia Nominal
VIIRS EDR Active Fires data in NetCDF4 & CSV .txt format viirs_edr_active_fires Beta
VIIRS EDR Flood data in hdf4 format viirs_edr_flood Beta
GRIB2 format grib Beta
SCMI ABI L1B format abi_l1b_scmi Beta
VIRR data in HDF5 format virr_l1b Beta
MERSI-2 L1B data in HDF5 format mersi2_l1b Beta
FY-4A AGRI L1 data in HDF5 format agri_l1 Beta
Vaisala Global Lightning Dataset GLD360 data in ASCII format vaisala_gld360 Beta
TROPOMI L2 data in NetCDF4 format tropomi_l2 Beta
Hydrology SAF products in GRIB format hsaf_grib
Only the h03, h03b, h05 and h05B products are supported at-present
GEO-KOMPSAT-2 AMI L1B data in NetCDF4 format ami_l1b Beta
GOES-R GLM Grided Level 2 in NetCDF4 format glm_l2 Beta

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