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# BUFR Table A - Data category
0|Surface data - land
1|Surface data - sea
2|Vertical soundings (other than satellite)
3|Vertical soundings (satellite)
4|Single level upper-air data (other than satellite)
5|Single level upper-air data (satellite)
6|Radar data
7|Synoptic features
8|Physical/chemical constituents
9|Dispersal and transport
10|Radiological data
11|BUFR tables, complete replacement or update
12|Surface data (satellite)
20|Status information
21|Radiances (satellite measured)
22|Radar (satellite) but not altimeter and scatterometer
23|Lidar (satellite)
24|Scatterometry (satellite)
25|Altimetry (satellite)
26|Spectrometry (satellite)
27|Gravity measurement (satellite)
28|Precision orbit (satellite)
29|Space environment (satellite)
30|Calibration datasets (satellite)
31|Oceanographic data
101|Image data
240|For experimental use
241|For experimental use
242|For experimental use
243|For experimental use
244|For experimental use
245|For experimental use
246|For experimental use
247|For experimental use
248|For experimental use
249|For experimental use
250|For experimental use
251|For experimental use
252|For experimental use
253|For experimental use
254|For experimental use
255|Other category, or local use
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