This is our released code for “Focal Loss in 3D Object Detection”
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This repository is for "Focal Loss in 3D Object Detection". If you use this code for academic purpose, we would appreciate if you cite our paper:

  title={Focal Loss in 3D Object Detection},
  author={Peng Yun, Lei Tai, Yuan Wang, and Ming Liu},
  journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:1809.06065},


It contains two parts: 3D-FCN and VoxelNet as claimed in our paper. For detailed information of these two parts, please refer the sub-README in each dir.

Data & Weights

The splited data & weights are available in Data&Weights


The docker images for 3D-FCN and VoxelNet are also available.

docker pull pyun/voxelnet:baseline
docker pull pyun/3d-fcn:tf1.7
# Then launch a container with nvidia-docker 1.0