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This is a step by step guide on how to get an API key that can be used for safety. Using an API Key with safety gives you access to the latest vulnerabilities. The freely available database is synced only once per month.

In order to get an API Key you need a monthly subscription on, starting at $14.99 for individuals or $49.99 for organizations.

Step 1 - Sign Up

Go to and click on sign up. sign up

Step 2 - Authorize

You will be redirected to a page on GitHub asking you for permissions to log into with your GitHub account. Click on Authorize application. authorization

Step 3 - Select Permissions

Select the permissions you want to give over your GitHub account. If you just want to obtain an API Key, click on No Repo Access. permissions

Step 4 - Go to subscriptions

You will be redirected to the account page. In order to get an API Key, you need to subscribe to the Personal or Organization plan. To do this, click on upgrade. account page

Step 5 - Subscribe

Select the appropiate plan by clicking on the Subscribe button. A modal will pop up. Fill in your payment details and click on Pay. subscribe

Step 6 - Go back to account page

Once payment is complete, you'll be redirected to your subscriptions page. Click on Account to get back to your account page. subscriptions

Step 7 - Copy your API key

Copy your API Key - done. subscriptions

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