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Build Status License Creative Commons

Source code of the blog of the Czech Python user group. Made for various news, thoughts, and announcements. Written in Czech, but English articles are definitely not prohibited :)

Write an Article in 5 Steps

Writing a new text-only article can be very simple using just GitHub:

  1. On GitHub, go to the content directory of this repository. Click the Create new file button in the top right corner.

  2. Name your file in the format, where:

    • YYYY is year when the article was published, e.g. 2016
    • MM is month when the article was published, e.g. 08
    • DD is day when the article was published, e.g. 09
    • article-name is dash-separated, lower-cased article title using just ASCII letters/numbers (in other words, no diacritics, please)

    Full example:

  3. Start your article file with header similar to following:

    Title: Jak jsem v lese potkal medvěda
    Date: 2006-08-09 10:49:00
    Author: Pepa Houbař
    Twitter: houbyfaktzeru
    About: Pepa je vášnivý houbař. Má stránky [Houby fakt žeru]( a chodí do lesa především kolem Houbové Lhoty. Jeho životním mottem je _vím houby, jím houby_.
    • The time (10:49:00) isn't very important.
    • You don't have to add Twitter: if you don't use Twitter.
    • Gravatar is a way how to get your photo from your e-mail address. You need to register at the Gravatar site and upload your image there for your e-mail before it starts to work. Of course, you don't have to use it.
    • About: is couple of sentences about you. You can use Markdown format as formatting.
  4. Then, in place of the three dots ... you can start writing your article in the Markdown format. You can see how the article will approximately look like using the Preview tab. Setting Soft wrap in the top right corner is also handy.

  5. When done with writing, fill the form at the bottom of the page (describe your addition, e.g. "Přidávám článek o medvědovi") and press the Propose new file button.

Installation & Advanced Usage

Follow this user guide.


The blog content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License:

  • Individual articles should be attributed to their respective individual authors.
  • The whole blog as a project should be attributed to the Pyvec nonprofit.

The attached blog software is licensed the same way as the Danube Delta tool.


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