Helper module for hosting Frozen-Flask based websites on GitHub pages
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Elsa will help you build your Frozen-Flask based website and deploy it to GitHub pages. It's based on scripts from repo and is distributed under the terms of the MIT license, see LICENSE (does not apply for the image below). It requires Python 3.


Basic usage

Create you Flask app and give it to elsa.cli():

from flask import Flask

app = Flask(...)

# do stuff with app

if __name__ == '__main__':
    from elsa import cli
    cli(app, base_url='')

This will add command line interface to the script, enabling you to use it like this:

python serve  # serves the site, no freezing, so you can check it quickly
python freeze  # freezes the site, i.e. makes a HTML snapshot
python deploy  # deploys the frozen site to GitHub pages

See more options with --help.

Follow the quickstart tutorial for more information.

Travis CI based deployment

Travis CI is (in this context) a tool, that allows you to deploy the site automatically to GitHub pages after every push. All you have to do is tell Travis to run Elsa and provide a GitHub token. Elsa on Travis will freeze the site and deploy it frozen to GitHub pages. Elsa knows it's being run on Travis and will use the provided GitHub token to gain push permissions. Elsa will push force to gh-pages branch in a single commit rewriting the history and all manual changes of that branch.

Here is an example .travis.yml file for automatic deployment. It assumes elsa and other requirements are in requirements.txt and that you are familiar with Travis CI (so it's not very verbose):

language: python
    - '3.6'
    - 'python freeze'
    - secure: "blahblah"  # gem install travis; travis encrypt GITHUB_TOKEN=xyz --add
    provider: script
    skip_cleanup: true
    script: 'python deploy --no-freeze --push'
        branch: master
        repo: only/yours


To run the test suite, install tox and run it:


Elsa uses pytest, so if you are familiar with it, feel free to run it directly.

Further notes


When you use URLs without trailing slash (e.g., GitHub pages would serve the pages with bad Content-Type header (application/octet-stream instead of text/html) and the browser would attempt to download it. That's why Elsa will not allow such thing and will treat MimetypeMismatchWarning from Frozen-Flask as error. Make sure to use URLs with trailing slash (e.g. instead, so Frozen-Flask will create index.html in a folder and GitHub pages will use proper content type.