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city: praha
start: 2019-11-20 19:00:00
name: Pražské Pyvo
number: 104
topic: Fedora, komunita a budoucnost operačních systémů
description: |
The Fedora community leadership will join our Python meetup to talk about the Fedora Project.
How are community driven large-scale projects led? And what is the future of operating system in the cloud world?
venue: na-venecku
urls: []
- title: Community leadership in Fedora
- Matthew Miller
description: |
Matthew Miller is the [Fedora Project Leader](
He will talk off-the cuff about community leadership and do a Q&A.
- title: Fedora and the Future of Operating Systems and software distribution
- Ben Cotton
description: |
Ben Cotton is the [Fedora Program Manager](
He will talk about the history of software distribution and most importantly about the future.
- title: "Lightning talky"
description: |
Určitě dojde i na lightning talky. Můžeš jeden mít i ty,
viz [](
Registrace nutná na [Lightning Talk –](
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