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"alias": "video/3234/making-a-scalable-course-search-engine-with-pytho",
"category": "Kiwi PyCon 2014",
"copyright_text": "CC",
"description": "**Audience level**\n\nExperienced\n\n**Description**\n\nCreating a custom search engine with python on google app engine. Serve\nlarge spikes in search request traffic. Allow students to find course\nreviews across multiple universities and countries.\n\n**Abstract**\n\n- introduction to the real world problem - Students need to be able to\n find university courses across multiple countries and universities.\n- first - explore how to solve the problem - collect course data &\n decide on a rough solution\n- second - create minimum viable product & see how people use it.\n Iteratively make it better.\n- second continued: Organise a big website launch event before you've\n created the website - then proceed to write 10K lines of code in the\n week before launch.\n- third - analyse the 50K most recent search terms & make a simple tree\n data structure to help improve search performance.\n- four - caching & cache invalidation\n- five - Maybe I'll do an online marketing campaign halfway through the\n talk and show graphs of the app responding in real time.\n\n- Covers Data analysis with python (csv, matplotlib, networkx,\n collections.Counter, logfile parsing)\n\n- Covers \"Futures\" - doing RPC calls in parallel.\n- Unit testing & simulating all things. - Being able to see how\n adjusting search functionality effects query times & quality of\n results.\n\n- Some tasteful jokes to keep things entertaining ;)\n\n**Slides**\n\n\n",
"duration": 5400,
"id": 3234,
"language": "eng",
"quality_notes": "",
"recorded": "2014-09-14",
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"slug": "making-a-scalable-course-search-engine-with-pytho",
"speakers": [
"Robert King"
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"title": "Making a scalable course search engine with python",
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