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"description": "*Python is slow ! Python can't access bare metal !*\n\nYou often hear theses assumptions? Theses limitations can be surpassed\nby Python extensions written in C. However, according to my personal\nexperience, doing this by leveraging C may yield to several issues\n(e.g., memory management).\n\nC Foreign Function Interface for Python (a.k.a., CFFI) allows you to\neasily write Python extensions. One of the main aims of CFFI is to\nwrap C libraries. Along the same lines, it may also be used for\nperformance enhancement.\n\nI am firstly presenting CFFI and it's two modes of utilization: API level and ABI level.\nThen I will share my own experience about wrapping `shaderc <>`__\nlibrary in six hours (`pyshaderc <>`__).\n\nNext we are going to the next level, let's wrap all the Vulkan API!\nVulkan is the new 3D API and is not a piece of cake.\nTo see the real advantage of CFFI, a side by side comparison between two\nPython modules is going to be presented:\n\n- **CVulkan** is a Vulkan wrapper written fully in C, it's a classic C extension for Python\n- **vulkan** is its CFFI counterpart without any C written, only Python\n\nI have developed two versions of Vulkan wrapper (one in a pure C, and\nthe second by leveraging CFFI) and I can assure you that CFFI is\nway better!\n\nLet's code!\n\n",
"duration": 1691,
"language": "eng",
"recorded": "2017-08-05",
"speakers": [
"Jean-S\u00e9bastien Bevilacqua"
"thumbnail_url": "",
"title": "Call a C API from Python becomes more enjoyable with CFFI",
"videos": [
"type": "youtube",
"url": ""
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