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"alias": "video/1575/graph-databases-in-python",
"category": "PyCon CA 2012",
"copyright_text": "",
"description": "",
"duration": null,
"id": 1575,
"language": "eng",
"quality_notes": "",
"recorded": "2012-11-11",
"slug": "graph-databases-in-python",
"speakers": [
"Javier de la Rosa"
"summary": "Since the irruption in the market of the NoSQL concept, graph databases\nhave been traditionally designed to be used with Java or C. With some\nhonorable exceptions, there isn't an easy way to manage graph databases\nfrom Python. In this talk, I will introduce you some of the tools that\nyou can use today in order to work with those new challenging databases,\nfrom our favorite languge, Python.\n",
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"title": "Graph Databases in Python",
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