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"description": "Learning to code is seen as a new literacy akin to learning a second\nspoken language - but is it? In this talk I'll explore my experiences\nlearning French and Python and examine some of the common themes between\nboth fields. Together we'll dismantle the myth that adults cannot learn\nas well as children and explore what it really means to be *fluent*.\nFinally, we'll explore immersion based learning and look at how it might\nhelp us become better Python programmers.\n",
"duration": 1903,
"language": "fra",
"recorded": "2015-10-17",
"speakers": [
"Nicole Harris"
"summary": "In this talk, Nicole explores her experience of learning French and\nPython \"en m\u00eame temps\" and asks the question: What can the Python\ncommunity learn from the language learning community?\n",
"thumbnail_url": ",%20Learning%20French.mp4.jpg",
"title": "Learning Python, Learning French",
"videos": [
"type": "ogv",
"url": ",%20Learning%20French.ogv"
"type": "mp4",
"url": ",%20Learning%20French.mp4"
"type": "webm",
"url": ",%20Learning%20French.webm"
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