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"alias": "video/2675/cheap-helicopters-in-my-living-room",
"category": "PyCon US 2014",
"copyright_text": "",
"description": "",
"duration": null,
"id": 2675,
"language": "eng",
"quality_notes": "",
"recorded": "2014-04-13",
"slug": "cheap-helicopters-in-my-living-room",
"speakers": [
"Ned Jackson Lovely"
"summary": "Using Python and a minimal amount of hardware hacking, it's possible to\nbuild computer controlled helicopters you can fly around your living\nroom for surprisingly small amounts of money. This talk will describe\nthe steps you'll need to take to start the ball rolling towards Skynet\nusing a $20 helicopter and an Arduino.\n",
"tags": [],
"thumbnail_url": "",
"title": "Cheap Helicopters In My Living Room",
"videos": [
"length": 0,
"type": "youtube",
"url": ""
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