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"alias": "video/3476/graph-database-patterns-in-python",
"category": "PyCon US 2015",
"copyright_text": "creativeCommon",
"description": "Creating and using models from a graph database can be quite different\nto the ones used for row/column/document-oriented databases, in the\nsense that the same query patterns could differ significantly in\nstructure and performance. This session will present how to create\nmodels in Python for Titan property graphs, that allow you to manipulate\ngraphs as if you were querying with Gremlin DSL.\n",
"duration": null,
"id": 3476,
"language": "eng",
"quality_notes": "",
"recorded": "2015-04-12",
"slug": "graph-database-patterns-in-python",
"speakers": [
"Elizabeth Ramirez"
"summary": "",
"tags": [],
"thumbnail_url": "",
"title": "Graph Database Patterns in Python",
"videos": [
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"type": "youtube",
"url": ""