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"description": "Are you running a Web application? Do you suffer from CPU bottlenecks\nthat slow down your growth? There's a tool that can easily fix all that,\nand then some. C++ knowledge not required.\n\nCome learn how Instagram, the world's largest Django deployment with\nmore than 600M active users, saved ~30% of global CPU by rewriting a\nhandful of modules on the critical path in Cython. Learn to apply those\ntechniques to your own projects with little effort and stop worrying\nabout switching to other programming languages or rewriting stable\ncomponents in C++.\n",
"duration": 1649,
"recorded": "2017-05-20",
"speakers": [
"Alex Orlov"
"thumbnail_url": "",
"title": "Cython as a Game Changer for Efficiency",
"videos": [
"type": "youtube",
"url": ""