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Join the chat at is simply an index of Python-related media records. The raw data being used here comes out of the pyvideo/data repo.

Before opening a PR, please check out our Development Philosophy.

Development setup

Setting up a development environment is as simple as four easy steps.

  1. Clone repo (recursively; it contains submodules)
  2. Install dependencies
  3. Build reST files from JSON files
  4. Build HTML files from reST files

All of these steps are explained in detail below.

First, pull down this repo's code:

$ git clone --recursive

Then, install the dependencies for building this site. It is recommended to install all the requirements inside virtualenv, use virtualenvwrapper to manage virtualenvs. Building requires Python 3.5

First of all, create a virtual environment to install all the dependencies into either using virtualenvwrapper:

$ mkvirtualenv -p python3 pyvideo

... or using pyvenv:

$ pyvenv .env && source .env/bin/activate

From the root of the repo, run the following command:

$ pip install -r requirements/

Finally, you'll be able to generate the HTML site. From the root of the repo, run the following command:

$ make html

To view the site, run the following command:

$ make serve

This will start development server on port 8000. Goto browser and open http://localhost:8000 to view your local version of!


If you're trying to debug unexpected build results, you can pass one of two variables to the make process to influence to logging level:

# Show Pelican warnings
$ make VERBOSE=1 html

# Show even more output
$ make DEBUG=1 html

Accessibility tests

There are automated tests to ensure that none of the pages have significant accessibility problems; to run them:

  1. Download chromedriver and add it to your PATH environment variable (copy to /usr/local/bin, etc.)
  2. Run make test

Want to help?

We'd love the help! All feature ideas and bugs-to-be-fixed are listed in the issues associated with this repo. Please check there for ideas on how to contribute. Thanks!

If you want to contribute new media, please check the pyvideo/data repo and its contribution docs.

Found an issue?

If you've found an issue with the site or something that could be done better, please open an issue on Github.

Want our Google Analytics info?

PyVideo tries to be as open source as possible. We share the data that Google Analytics collects on request. Please feel free to send an email to with the header "Google Analytics Access Request" if you would like access to this data. Please note that it may take a few weeks to be granted this access.