Development Philosophy

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Keep it Open, Simple, & Free

When developing for, we encourage you to keep the following guiding principles at heart. These principles are laid out to help working cohesion, efficiency, and enjoyment.

Keep it Open

The Data

The data that backs up this site was originally collected and curated by the creators of; Will (@willkg) and Sheila (@codersquid). That data was provided under the CC0 license. maintains the same licensing for all previous data and any new data added to its fork of the pyvideo-data repo.

The Code

The code that is contained in this repo and that is used to generate the website is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License.

The People

Many hands make light work. If someone shows interest in helping, let's not stand in their way. New members with push/merge privileges to this repo should be added readily. Along with this implicit trust in new members to care for according to this Development Philosophy, new members must be willing to be held accountable for their changes. No one should be attacked for trying to make this project better. At the same time, all should be willing to be held responsible for their changes.


By keeping the data and the code open, anyone/everyone can consume these resources in they way that fits them best. Who knows what wonderful things will come :)

Keep It Simple

New Features

This site should not be a burden. Maintainers have lives, families, and other open source projects that they want to give time to and should support those maintainers by not being too complex. Thus, features for this site will be kept to a minimum. The intention is for it to be a simple index of Python related videos.

Code Review

Code review is encouraged, high code quality is encouraged, but perfection is risky. New code should minimal (per the New Features section above) but merged readily. subscribes to the release early, release often principle.

Keep It Free is not a platform for advertising. No one should be charged to visit or access any of its content. If a resource is blocked behind some sort of "pay to access" barrier, it does not belong on Some videos may have advertising built in (eg. youtube has ads before videos, some videos have conference banners, etc) and that is acceptable. However, those ads should be the only "fee" for watching those videos.

There should be no preferential treatment for specific events or videos. If a video is listed on the front page of, it is because the event or talk has occurred more recently.

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