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Upgrading 0.1 to 0.2

  1. Uninstall South in your virtual environments.
  2. Run ./ migrate --fake to mark all the migrations as having run because we switched from Django 1.6 with South to Django 1.7 migration systems.

Up to 0.1


When you upgrade to a new version of richard, please please please read through the What's New notes for all the versions between what you're running and what you're upgrading to BEFORE you start your upgrade process.

The general list of things you need to do when you upgrade to a new version is as follows:

  1. backup your database.
  2. backup your virtual environment and code.

Basically, you want to be able to go back to square 1 if something goes awry. If you don't do this effectively and something does go awry, you'll feel very irritated with yourself.

After doing that, you should:

  1. upgrade the richard software

  2. upgrade your virtual environment:

    $ pip install .
  3. update your settings files---details on what needs to be updated will be in the What's New notes

  4. upgrade your database:

    $ ./ migrate
  5. upgrade your index:

    $ ./ rebuild_index
  6. upgrade your templates---details on what needs to be updated will be in the What's New notes