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sphinx_pyviz_theme: Theme for building pyviz sites

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What is it?

sphinx_pyviz_theme is the theme that is used when building sites in the pyviz ecosystem. This theme is best used in conjunction with nbsite. See the nbsite docs for examples.

How to use

To use this theme: pip/conda install sphinx_pyviz_theme and set html_theme to sphinx_pyviz_theme. To control the look and feel, change html_theme_options in

html_static_path += ['_static']
html_theme = 'sphinx_pyviz_theme'
html_theme_options = {
    'custom_css': 'site.css',
    'logo': 'nbsite-logo.png',
    'favicon': 'favicon.ico',
    'primary_color': '#F16A25',
    'primary_color_dark': '#B5501C',
    'secondary_color': '#F5C33C',
    'second_nav': False,
  • logo and favicon: provide paths relative to html_static_path (doc/_static by default)
  • primary_color, primary_color_dark and secondary_color: control the colors that the website uses for header, nav, links... These can be css named colors, or hex colors.
  • second_nav: Boolean indicating whether to use a second nav bar.
  • custom_css: path relative to html_static_path overriding styles. Styles come first from the theme's main.css_t, which is populated with the colors options, then extended/overridden by your site's own css.

NOTE: Only use the custom_css to overwrite small pieces of the css not to make general improvements. If you have general improvements, please open a PR on the this repo.

About PyViz

sphinx_pyviz_theme is part of the PyViz initiative for making Python-based visualization tools work well together. See for related packages that you can use with sphinx_pyviz_theme and for the current status of each PyViz project.

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