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# For use with pyct (, but just standard
# tox config (works with tox alone).
# python version test group extra envs extra commands
envlist = {py36}-{examples,all}-{default,examples}-{dev}
build = wheel
description = Test that examples run
deps = .[examples]
commands = pytest --nbsmoke-run -k ".ipynb"
description = Run all tests with data set up
deps = .[examples]
commands = doit small_data_setup
doit small_data_cleanup
changedir = {envtmpdir}
commands = examples: {[_examples]commands}
all: {[_all]commands}
deps = examples: {[_examples]deps}
all: {[_all]deps}
addopts = -v --pyargs --doctest-modules --doctest-ignore-import-errors
norecursedirs = doc .git dist build _build .ipynb_checkpoints apps
nbsmoke_cell_timout = 360
# notebooks to skip running; one case insensitive re to match per line
# (so far just ones that haven't been setup to build properly)
nbsmoke_skip_run = ^.*Carbon_Flux.ipynb$
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