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Merge pull request #1444 from ioam/bokeh_app_api

Improved API
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jlstevens committed May 16, 2017
2 parents 8b68e26 + 460b18e commit fc8631714425b140b7c4465efd3cffb423a1b061
Showing with 54 additions and 13 deletions.
  1. +54 −13 holoviews/plotting/bokeh/
@@ -7,19 +7,20 @@
from bokeh.application import Application
from bokeh.charts import Chart
from bokeh.document import Document
from bokeh.embed import notebook_div
from import load_notebook, curdoc, show
from bokeh.embed import notebook_div, autoload_server
from import load_notebook, curdoc, show as bkshow
from bokeh.models import (Row, Column, Plot, Model, ToolbarBox,
WidgetBox, Div, DataTable, Tabs)
from bokeh.plotting import Figure
from bokeh.resources import CDN, INLINE
from bokeh.server.server import Server

from ...core import Store, HoloMap
from ..comms import JupyterComm, Comm
from ..plot import GenericElementPlot
from ..renderer import Renderer, MIME_TYPES
from .widgets import BokehScrubberWidget, BokehSelectionWidget, BokehServerWidgets
from .util import compute_static_patch, serialize_json, attach_periodic
from .util import compute_static_patch, serialize_json, attach_periodic, bokeh_version

@@ -84,36 +85,74 @@ def __call__(self, obj, fmt=None, doc=None):
elif fmt == 'json':
return self.diff(plot), info

def get_widget(self_or_cls, plot, widget_type, **kwargs):
def get_plot(self_or_cls, obj, doc=None, renderer=None):
Given a HoloViews Viewable return a corresponding plot instance.
Allows supplying a document attach the plot to, useful when
combining the bokeh model with another plot.
plot = super(BokehRenderer, self_or_cls).get_plot(obj, renderer)
if doc is not None:
plot.document = doc
return plot

def get_widget(self_or_cls, plot, widget_type, doc=None, **kwargs):
if not isinstance(plot, Plot):
plot = self_or_cls.get_plot(plot)
plot = self_or_cls.get_plot(plot, doc)
if self_or_cls.mode == 'server':
return BokehServerWidgets(plot, renderer=self_or_cls.instance(), **kwargs)
return super(BokehRenderer, self_or_cls).get_widget(plot, widget_type, **kwargs)

def app(self_or_cls, plot, notebook=False):
def app(self_or_cls, plot, show=False, new_window=False):
Creates a bokeh app from a HoloViews object or plot. By
default simply uses attaches plot to bokeh's curdoc and
returns the Document, if notebook option is supplied creates
an Application instance, displays it and returns it.
returns the Document, if show option is supplied creates
an Application instance and displays it either in a browser
window or inline if notebook extension has been loaded.
Using the new_window option the app may be displayed in a
new browser tab once the notebook extension has been loaded.
renderer = self_or_cls.instance(mode='server')
if not notebook:
# If show=False and not in noteboook context return document
if not show and not self_or_cls.notebook_context:
doc, _ = renderer(plot)
return doc

def modify_doc(doc):
renderer(plot, doc=doc)

handler = FunctionHandler(modify_doc)
app = Application(handler)
return app

if not show:
# If not showing and in notebook context return app
return app
elif self_or_cls.notebook_context and not new_window:
# If in notebook, show=True and no new window requested
# display app inline
return bkshow(app)

# If app shown outside notebook or new_window requested
# start server and open in new browser tab
from tornado.ioloop import IOLoop
loop = IOLoop.current()
server = Server({'/': app}, port=0, loop=loop)
def show_callback():'/')
except RuntimeError:
return server

def server_doc(self, plot, doc=None):
@@ -156,6 +195,7 @@ def diff(self, plot, serialize=True):
processed = self._apply_post_render_hooks(patch, plot, 'json')
return serialize_json(processed) if serialize else processed

def plot_options(cls, obj, percent_size):
@@ -217,4 +257,5 @@ def load_nb(cls, inline=True):
Loads the bokeh notebook resources.
load_notebook(hide_banner=True, resources=INLINE if inline else CDN)
kwargs = {'notebook_type': 'jupyter'} if bokeh_version > '0.12.5' else {}
load_notebook(hide_banner=True, resources=INLINE if inline else CDN, **kwargs)

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