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Replace bkcharts based BoxWhisker with pure bokeh implementation #1604

merged 19 commits into from Jun 25, 2017
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Just for now

@@ -17,12 +17,11 @@
DFrame = None

from .annotation import TextPlot, LineAnnotationPlot, SplinePlot
from .bkcharts import BoxPlot
from .callbacks import Callback # noqa (API import)
from .element import OverlayPlot, ElementPlot
from .chart import (PointPlot, CurvePlot, SpreadPlot, ErrorPlot, HistogramPlot,
SideHistogramPlot, BarPlot, SpikesPlot, SideSpikesPlot,
AreaPlot, VectorFieldPlot)
AreaPlot, VectorFieldPlot, BoxWhiskerPlot)
from .path import PathPlot, PolygonPlot, ContourPlot
from .plot import GridPlot, LayoutPlot, AdjointLayoutPlot
from .raster import RasterPlot, RGBPlot, HeatmapPlot, HSVPlot, QuadMeshPlot
@@ -46,6 +45,8 @@

# Charts
Curve: CurvePlot,
Bars: BarPlot,
BoxWhisker: BoxWhiskerPlot,
Points: PointPlot,
Scatter: PointPlot,
ErrorBars: ErrorPlot,
@@ -95,12 +96,6 @@
AdjointLayoutPlot.registry[Histogram] = SideHistogramPlot
AdjointLayoutPlot.registry[Spikes] = SideSpikesPlot

import pandas # noqa (Conditional import)
Store.register({BoxWhisker: BoxPlot,
Bars: BarPlot}, 'bokeh')
except ImportError:

point_size = np.sqrt(6) # Matches matplotlib default
Cycle.default_cycles['default_colors'] = ['#30a2da', '#fc4f30', '#e5ae38',
@@ -111,6 +106,8 @@

# Charts
options.Curve = Options('style', color=Cycle(), line_width=2)
options.BoxWhisker = Options('style', box_fill_color=Cycle(), whisker_color='black',
box_line_color='black', outlier_color='black')
options.Scatter = Options('style', color=Cycle(), size=point_size, cmap=dflt_cmap)
options.Points = Options('style', color=Cycle(), size=point_size, cmap=dflt_cmap)
options.Histogram = Options('style', line_color='black', fill_color=Cycle())

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